Music Ministry - Week 3

January 22, 2023 -  Third Sunday in Ordinary Time
These songs are ONLY for the Saturday 5pm and Sunday 5pm Masses.

Entrance: 10,000 Reasons       AUDIO      C-Instrument

Responsorial Psalm: Sheet      AUDIO
Offertory: Center      AUDIO

Communion: One Bread One Body     AUDIO      C-Instrument

Meditation: More Love More Power      AUDIO      C-Instrument

Recessional: City of God      AUDIO      C-Instrument

11:30 am Mass will be the same songs as last week.

But the Responsorial Psalm is from this week.


Song selection for the Sunday 9am

Entrance: Glory and Praise to Our God       AUDIO

Responsorial Psalm: Sheet      AUDIO
Offertory: We Bring Our Gifts to Your Altar     AUDIO

Communion: Here I Am Lord     AUDIO      C-Instrument

Meditation: We Belong To You      AUDIO      C-Instrument

Recessional: Lead Me Lord      AUDIO      C-Instrument