Edge seeks to lead teens and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We seek to engage young people where they are and provide them a place where they can deepen and express their faith. All are welcome and we invite them to get involved in the way that suits them and their schedule best. (For more information please contact Katie Tipton.)  


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Winter Lock-In: HIStory!
Middle School lock-ins are the best! They allow students to gather together and enjoy games as well as teaching, just like EDGE nights except much longer! During this lockin we will talk about what we want, what we have, what we show to the world, what our Church is, and finally that we are only human. This lock-in will be the best yet, so be sure to attend!

  This lock- in is Friday December 28th to Saturday December 29th. Register here! Or print out the paper form here!

Encounter Bible Study!
A Bible study designed for 6th- to 8th-graders, Encounter, uses the color-coded Bible Timeline learning system to reveal the story of the faith. Students will gain a new understanding of who God is and will see him as a loving Father who desires a lasting encounter with them.

  This bible study will be on Sundays 10:15am to 11:20am. To sign up, please click here.

T3 Acts Bible Study!
As Mark Hart guides the students through the most prominent stories in the Holy Bible, the students are given insight and ideas that they might not have heard before. “T3 unpacks God’s Word in a manner teens can relate to by showing them the ‘big picture’ of salvation history. It gives them an overview of Scripture—and then shows them how it apples to their everyday lives.” 

  This program will be on Wednesdays 6:00pm to 7:15pm. To sign up, please click here.





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Forms & Paperwork

For all EDGE activities, please make sure your student is registered for the year. In order to attend any event all youth must first complete Youth Ministry Registration. This form only needs to be completed once per school year.After completing YM Registration please complete the short form to sign up for particular events & retreats.  

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